A thief in the light


 The Tightrope (Video) 

 Cake Woman 
 Il custode dei contorni 
 LIBERTY - Klippa Kloppa - Album Artwork 
 A Very Brief History of Prosthetics  
Animation for Laura Bari's documentary film "Ariel" (2013)
Writer and director: Laura Bari
Produced by Parabola Films
Sound designer: Angel Perez Grandi

 The swamp 
Animation for the documentary film "Tempelhof“ by Marion Payet and Andrew Bateman.
Sound design by Angel Pérez Grandi

 Vacuum Night Cleaner  

  L’amarena in bocca  

music by Bored Byron
 One flew over the chest of drawers 

 Olympia’s curlers 

 Miguel Abalen’s poetry books  


 Happy girlfriends 

 Wicked gamete  
 Milk & mascara 

 Mum & Dad 


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